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  • Summit Gerbera

    Summit Gerbera is a growers' association consisting of seven leading producers of large-flowered and mini-gerberas. Florpartners oversees the partnership to ensure a clear organisational structure with a clear strategy.

  • Colours of Nature

    Colours of Nature's objective is to serve retailers optimally in respect of gerberas. Together with 10 nurseries and a central distribution centre, they ensure gerberas flourish from greenhouse to shelf. Florpartners fulfils the role of managing director and therefore bears final responsibility for the cooperative enterprise.

  • Floriade

  • Made - energiecoöperatie

  • Gitzels

    Plantenkwekerij Gitzels is a market leader in the cultivation of cabbage plants, innovative with its breeding services, and above all, a strong family-run company loacted in North Holland. Together with Florpartners, Gitzels is working on a resilient organisation in which shared leadership and job satisfaction are central. In doing so, Gitzels benefits from our experience of organisational change, strategy development, and generational change. 

  • OK Plant

    OK Plant is a leading producer of green and flowering plants, and distinguishes itself by creating added value for consumers. From strategy to implementation is how we would describe our role with OK Plant. Together we are working to meet OK Plant's challenge, and Florpartners then provides support in the various issues involved in that. 

  • Bloembureau Holland

    The Flower Council of Holland is an independent foundation with the aim of constantly keeping flowers and plants top of mind with European consumers. Florpartners is assisting with the establishment of a binding agreement for joint sector communications, supported by the growers and wholsealers.

  • Dutch Lily Masters

    Three family-run companies have joined forces in a single organisation: Dutch Lily Masters. Together they stand for dedication, expertise, and craftsmanship. Dutch Lily Masters works to produce even better and more beautiful lillies every day. Florpartners oversaw the merger and supports the company in its long- term strategy.

  • The Orchid Growers

    The Orchid Growers is the one-stop-shop for high-end Phalaenopsis. The Orchid Growers sells quality plants that ultimately find their way to chains, wholesalers, garden centres and florists across the whole of Europe. The Orchids Growers originated from Ter Laak Orchids and Orchios. Florpartners oversaw the establishment of The Orchid Growers and is involved in the strategy and organisational development.

  • Vannova

    VannoVa is partnership of a number of leading chrysanthemum growers. The growers work together in respect of marketing communications.
    Florpartners supported the partnership in establishing a long-term strategy.

  • Vreugdenhil Bulbs & Plants

    Vreugdenhil Bulbs & Plants grows various products year-round under approximately125.000 m2 of glass across 3 sites in Westland. Florpartners supports the company in its strategy and organisational development.

  • Brands of plants

    Brands of Plants is a partnership of pot plant growers with the aim of responding better 
    to the needs of garden centres, optimisation of the shelf display, and activation of consumers on the shop floor. Florpartners supports Brands of Plants in its strategy. 

  • Greenports Nederland

    Greenports Nederland strengthens the regional Greenports and coordinates horticultural themes at national level. The ambition is to have a climate-proof and modern production acreage by 2030. Florpartners is the project manager of the Spatial PlanningTransition Table.

  • Klasmann-Deilmann

    Klasmann-Deilmann is a leader in the international substrate industry, with subsidiaries and distributors in over 70 countries. Florpartners was part of the ‘Smart Growing Systems’ incubator team. This team focuses on innovative and sustainable cultivation media.

  • Orchidee Nederland

    As a result of years of expansion and the financial crisis, there was a need to jointly safeguard the position of orchids. Florpartners oversees the steering group and manages the employees' activation and quality & sustainability.

  • Provincie Zuid-Holland

    The basic idea of Greenport 3.0 is to think and act in chains and networks, and greater interdependence with Mainports and the city. As well as a shift from volume focus to greater added value and quality. Florpartners fleshed out the Greenport 3.0 concept and provided a clear vision.

  • Agro Businessclub Westland

    Agro Businessclub Westland is a network organisation of Westland entrepreneurs with the aim of contributing to the development of the commercial agriculture sector. Entrepreneurs meet at substantive events about specific themes.
    Florpartners organises the events to ensure everything runs smoothly.

  • Touch Me+

    Touch Me+ is a partnership between growers and breeders of Primula Obconica. Florpartners supports the partnership in achieving substantive results. Together with the specialisms of the growers and the breeders, we are making progress in better positioning in the market and on the shelves.

  • Unicum Freesia

    Unicum is a successful producers' organisation of freesia growers that was founded in 1996. Florpartners was responsible for the development of Unicum's business plan and fulfilled a management role for eight years.

  • Federatie VruchtgroenteOrganisaties

    The Federatie VruchtgroenteOrganisaties (FVO) is a unique partnership of fruit vegetable producers. The five biggest grower cooperatives in the Netherlands are affiliated and they tackle themes to strengthen the position of Dutch vegetable growers. Florpartners provides project management in the role of project agency and makes a substantive and connecting contribution. 

  • Kwekerij Wouters

    With over 44 hectares, Kwekerij Wouters is an important player in the market for annual seasonal plants. Florpartners is supporting Kwekerij Wouters with a future plan for relevant themes such as business succession.

  • Van der Avoird

    Van der Avoird Trayplant specialises in the cultivation of strawberry and raspberry starting material. Florpartners provides support in, amongst others, generational change, strategy development and the implementation thereof.

  • Ammerlaan - Sosef

    Ammerlaan–Sosef is a pot plant nursery of celosia, primula and cyclamen. A motivated team produces high quality. 
    Many plants are marketed under the Decorum brand, they are also a member of Touch Me+ and supply the high end English retail sector. Florpartners supports Ammerlaan-Sosef in making strategic decisions.

  • Decorum

    Decorum Plants & Flowers is a growers' cooperative of 50 growers. They represent high quality and sustainable products, with an eye for innovation. Florpartners has supported Decorum in various strategic developments and themes as part of the partnership. 

  • Floricultura

    Floricultura is the specialist in breeding, selection and propagation of orchids and Araceae. As a global market leader in orchid propagation material, Floricultura continues to develop its core expertise. As an independent advisor, Florpartners contributes to the development of strategy and oversees the change programme to develop the organisation further.

  • Green Diamonds

    Growers of cucumber brand Green Diamonds are members of the Growers United cooperative. The growers are future-oriented specialists who represent superior and uniform quality. Florpartners supports Green Diamonds in strategic, organisational and collaboration matters.

  • Jansen Paprika

    Jansen Paprika grows block peppers in various colours on 25 hectares and has grown exponentially since 2019. To further shape their growth ambition, Florpartners was asked to professionalise the organisation and mentor the board in their personal development. 

  • Looye Kwekers

    Grower of the tastiest tomatoes in the Netherlands, known for its Honingtomaat®. Florpartners fulfills the role of interim Organisational development and continuous improvement project manager (Lean & Six Sigma) at various junctures.

  • PapriCo

    PapriCo is a brand of high quality block peppers grown by proffesional pepper growers and offers a wide range, quick delivery, and the tastiest peppers. The growers' motto is working together on the new way of growing. Paprico is part of Growers United. Florpartners supports PapriCo in strategic, organisational and collaboration matters.

  • Pligt Professionals

    Pligt Professionals is one of the leading producers of flowering plants in the Netherlands. An authentic family-run company that wants to keep developing itself. Pligt Professionals was seeking a new challenge, taking its existing market position, its product lines, and above all, the prevailing culture and its people into account. Florpartners supported the organisation in this.

  • Anthos Executive club

    Anthos represents companies trading in flower bulbs and tree nursery products worldwide. Florpartners organises events for the Executive Club, makes a substantive contribution to the programme based on its knowledge and experience, and safeguards progress to ultimately strengthen the market position.

  • Dutch Specials

    Dutch Specials is a group of 15 fruit and vegetable growers of exceptional products. This initiative arose from the need to inspire one another, with the aim of growing further as a company and as a business. Florpartners supports the board, prepares the content for the inspiration events based on its expertise and network, and arranges the events.

  • Koppert Biological Systems

    Koppert Biological Systems offers an integrated system of specialist expertise and natural, safe solutions to improve the health, resilience and productivity of crops. Florpartners fulfilled the role of interim communications advisor for the pollination product group, as well as providing the communications for various international subsidiaries. 

  • Onderneming 2026

    Onderneming2026 focuses on the long-term position of the horticultural business: which elements will determine the success of Onderneming2026? Florpartners provides content for master sessions and connects entrepreneurs with one another.

  • Plantform

    Ondernemersvereniging Plantform is a group of seventy pot plant growers who are focused on digitisation. Digitisation is of strategic importance to pot plant growers. At the same time, it is a complex and tough subject. Plantform develops vision, fights for the interests of growers, and ensures projects are completed successfully. Many growers struggle to get changes implemented in the chain or by software suppliers. It works better in partnership.  Florpartners is a project manager within Plantform and oversees the change programmes. 

  • Purple Pride

    Purple Pride is the biggest and most innovative BtoB brand of aubergines in Northwest Europe. Purple pride is part of Growers United. Florpartners contributes to the strategy, rapid development of the organisation, and maintenance of good partner relationships.

  • Royal FloraHolland

    Royal FloraHolland is the biggest marketing cooperative of floriculture products in the world. Florpartners has overseen numerous of this flower auction's projects.

  • Prominent

    Producers' organisation Prominent is a leading and innovative club of vine tomato growers. In its ambition to remain a frontrunner, Prominent regularly calls on Florpartners to further professionalise the organisation and collaboration. For example, Florpartners helped develop the strategic plan and further streamlined the organisation and processes at DC in Maasland.

  • Growers United

    Growers United is a progressive marketing & sales organisation of fruit vegetable growers. A leading cooperative with over 600 hectares of greenhouse horticulture under its auspices. Florpartners supports the management and the board of Growers United in organisational and strategy development.

  • Addenda

    Addenda® is a prime example of a good interplay of both horizontal and vertical partnership. Florpartners is capable of safeguarding the long-term position of Addenda® and serving as the catalyst for innovations.

  • Air So Pure

    Air So Pure is a partnership of growers of pot plants that have been scientifically proven to have beneficial effects on health. Florpartners oversees the partnership at organisational level.

  • Avalanche+®

    The Avalanche+® rose is ‘the queen of roses’. Together with breeder Dümmen Orange, the Dutch rose growers are investing heavily in brand development. A multi-annual partnership was concluded for joint marketing and product development.
    Florpartners is responsible for management, supports the board, and takes care of the finances and the secretariat.